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We focus on social policy that matters.

We focus on social policy that matters. You know, the areas that were considered “cute” and “interesting” for years, but now are finally seen as critical to a well-functioning democracy. We own those.

Diversity, Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion & Respect

We use “DAEIR” to convey the need for a Diverse, Accessible, Equitable, Inclusive, and Respectful workplace. DAEIR is an essential building block for addressing individual and systemic barriers and ensuring an anti-racism and anti-oppression lens and approach. 

ParriagGroup prioritises the inclusion of diverse experts for project work. By acknowledging that everyone is an expert in their own life, we can celebrate that each person’s own unique lived experience and perspective contribute to our collective expertise. By practising deep listening in safe spaces, we maximise our opportunities to learn from one another in ways that enhance project objectives and client satisfaction. In this way, we honour our own truths while not claiming to be experts in everything, and are always willing to learn, grow, make mistakes, accept criticism, and strive for improvement.

In our experience, people with disabilities are often left out and have a difficult time getting accommodation. However, they have higher levels of motivation, productivity, job retention, and lower occupational accident rates compared to employees without disabilities. We also see that while the need for respect in the workplace is already a major issue, it is becoming increasingly more so over time. 

ParriagGroup encourages staff to take part in online learning courses that bolster their understanding of how to approach their work from their unique social location. Such experiences combine diverse expertise and self-reflective exercises to enhance employees’ understanding of the complex structural violence that they themselves, clients, and stakeholders operate within on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, courses that teach about unconscious bias, cultural safety/humility, bystander training, inclusive leadership, and effective communication to diverse populations are helpful in our line of work.

Diversity, Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion & Respect

Anti-oppression Commitment

ParriagGroup commits to anti-oppressive practices by shifting power to those with whom we work on different projects, whose power is not recognised or given space to flourish. We also strategically utilise our diverse team members to play to their strengths and strive to create a work environment where employees feel safe to voice their views and share their knowledge. We believe everyone must be able to be powerful and feel valued if our world is to move forward in a good way. Our anti-oppressive practice is grounded in the following commitments: 

  • Understanding oppression: We work constantly, through deep listening and self-reflection, to understand how systems of oppression impact our clients and us.


  • Examining privilege: We examine the privileges we have as an organisation and use them to shift power to oppressed groups whenever we can. 


  • Amplifying voices: We listen to, amplify, and incorporate the voices of underrepresented peoples and communities in our work. The perspectives of project participants deserve to be represented as authentically as possible.


  • Reducing barriers: We reduce barriers to participation that stem from systems of structural violence, recognising that solutions are not one-size-fits-all. 


  • Cultivating inclusion: We host inclusive spaces so that people can bring their whole authentic selves. It is important to us that project participants feel secure throughout the process. In this regard, we try our best to pair employees and participants with similar backgrounds to foster assurance and reduce feelings of vulnerability. 


  • Providing care: We recognise that clients and employees deserve to feel valued and vow to extend care and empathy throughout our work. 


  • Developing diversity: We actively work to increase the diversity of our team through fair hiring practices, providing opportunities to those who face systemic barriers, and recognising that a mosaic of diverse expertise is a stronger approach that results in success. 


  • Accepting criticism: We strive to provide an open space for employees and clients to voice their concerns without fear of retribution, and to use their observations to make positive changes together. 


Anti-oppressive practice is a lifelong work that requires ongoing commitment from individuals and institutions. That makes this a living document that will be revised as our understanding of anti-oppression grows.

Anti-oppression Commitmet

Anti-racist Approach

Anti-racist approach: We commit to contributing to racial justice and community well-being in our work. We also understand the unconscious and unintentional ways that racism can sometimes present itself, and vow to purposefully challenge such issues with a combined approach of intolerance and compassion. ParriagGroup recognises that some of its employees are on their own journeys of unlearning internalised racism as racialized people and provides safety and support for them on their journeys.

Anti-racist Approch
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