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We focus on foundational social policy.


Our Philosophy

We keep it simple

Our aim is to tell you the story we find in your data. We do this working side by side with you, so there are no surprises at the end of the project. 

Everyone's unique

We have heard of cookie cutter solutions to complex research, evaluation and performance measurement questions, but that's not us. Everyone has a unique issue and we reflect this in our approach to every client.

Collaborative approach

We take a collaborative approach to working with our clients. That means we work and you provide your feedback and thoughts the whole time. By the time we are done, there are no surprises, and you are thrilled with the final deliverables!  We all benefit from this approach - ParriagGroup receives clear direction throughout the project and you are aware of what is taking place as it unfolds.

Rigorous solutions

We are a specialized firm so we focus on a few research aspects and do them really well. We use all of our smarts and deep quantitative and qualitative experience to answer your particular question.  You need insights?  We will find them. Rigorously.

Intersectional approach

All of us deserve to have our voices heard, our experiences reflected, and our unique needs addressed through relevant policies. Intersectionality recognizes that some of us face multiple and intersecting forms of systemic and structural discrimination. And when we work with an intersectional approach, we keep uppermost the uniqueness that we all hold.


Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusion & Respect

We use “DAIR” to convey the need for a diverse, accessible, inclusive, respectful workplace that actively addresses individual and systemic barriers. DAIR is an essential building block for addressing individual and systemic barriers and ensuring an anti-racism and anti-oppression lens and approach. In our experience, people with disabilities are often left out and have a difficult time obtaining accommodation and still they have higher levels of motivation, productivity, job retention, and lower occupational accident rates compared with employees without disabilities. We also see that respect is increasingly a major issue in the workplace. 


Ethics Statement

The moment that ParriagGroup was even a thought, we knew we needed to have ethics at our core. For us, this means we will:

•    make the right decisions, not necessarily the popular ones

•    be transparent and leave the politics to others

•    do good work and if we cannot, we will politely thank you and move on

•    charge you fairly for our work

•    disagree without being disagreeable


Anti-oppression Commitment

ParriagGroup commits to anti-oppressive practices, which means shifting power to those members of our team and those people we work with on different projects, who are normally stripped of their power. We believe everyone must be able to feel powerful if our world is to move forward in a good way.

Our anti-oppressive practice is grounded in the following commitments:

  • Understanding oppression: We work constantly to understand how systems of oppression impact ourselves and our clients.

  • Examining privilege: We examine the privileges we have as an organization and use them to shift power to oppressed groups whenever we can.

  • Amplifying voices: We listen to, amplify, and incorporate the voices of underrepresented peoples and communities in our work.

  • Reducing barriers: We reduce barriers to participation that stem from socio-economic status, ability, and other factors.

  • Cultivating inclusion: We host inclusive spaces so that people can bring their whole authentic selves.

  • Developing diversity: We actively work to increase the diversity of our team.

Anti-oppressive practice is lifelong work that requires ongoing commitment from individuals and institutions. That makes this a living document that will be revised as our understanding of anti-oppression grows.