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We've been doing research for over two decades. No, we're not dinosaurs. We just know a ton about research design and methodology. And we still continue to learn about new techniques to gather data in a participatory way.


No matter the project size we default to being rigorous so we can stand by every program evaluation we do. 


Performance Measurement

We are living in a time where everyone wants value for money. We help you measure the right things to show value and impact, not just beans on the counter (get it?).


Business Change Management

We believe all actions are connected. We have learned how to make evidence-based changes easier for organisations to embrace.


We lead with a foundation of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion and respect. That means we carry out engagements with the well-being of our engagees (is that a word?) at the fore-front. And we also gather the data we need to make accurate recommendations.



We know that just because we speak a language (or two or three) does not mean that we know how to use that language well when connecting with audiences. ParriagGroup will help you find the right words.