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Collaborative working is our thing.

Our Team

Our Team

We work with a mighty team of experts from all across the country who deliver results that help you reach your goals. We’re all great at different things, so team members will vary depending on the project's needs. Our approach shifts and adapts to work best with different clients. We feel that the most important thing is building a solid relationship and collective understanding, this helps us reach project goals organically.  

Team Lead


Amanda Parriag


Research Associates


Paul Chaulk


Ayan Dualeh

Arlene Laliberte_edited.jpg

Arlene Laliberte


Yvette Yakibonge


Steven Vanloffeld

Jennifer Jones_edited_edited_edited.png

Jennifer Jones

Ren Rohe Mcfadyen_edited.jpg

Ren Rohe Mcfadyen


Susan McBroom


Erin Bull

Catherine Tait_edited.png

Catherine Tait


Sarah Morelli

The ParriagGroup Principles

The ParriagGroup Principles

Our principles for the company are our anchor. They define who we are and how we work within our team and with our clients. They also tell you what to expect when you work with us.


These principles were in our heads until this website reboot. You know, being busy and not having the time to name them. We’ve finally written them down.


Heart. To start, we are heart people. We lead with love; we work with soul and we create good in the world.


Honesty. We say the honest thing even if it’s the hard thing. Now, we get it; it’s hard to hear that an approach is not working, or that a hypothesis is not supported. So, we will be kind, thoughtful and choose our words carefully when we share insights that may be hard to hear. We also work alongside you, so you won’t be surprised when this meeting or report is shared.


Anti-racist, decolonizing and anti-oppressive. We use an anti-racist, decolonizing and anti-oppressive approach. You knew this already after you read through the rest of the website. The thing is, all of us deserve to have our voices heard, our experiences reflected, and our unique needs addressed. We know this because we live it, research it, and evaluate it. Intersectionality recognizes that some of us face multiple and intersecting forms of systemic and structural discrimination. And when we work with an intersectional approach, we keep the uniqueness that we all hold uppermost.


Uniqueness. We see you in all your uniqueness. We have heard of cookie cutter solutions to complex research, evaluation and performance measurement questions, but that's mammoth companies, not us. Being an SME allows us to take a very tailored approach to our work. Our team is unique, and we embrace this about ourselves. We see that everyone has a unique issue that is important to them, and we reflect this in our approach to every client.


Collaborate. Collaborative working is our thing. We carry out the work and you provide your feedback the whole time. By the time we are done, there are no surprises, and you are thrilled with the final deliverables! We all benefit from this approach - ParriagGroup receives clear direction throughout the project and you know what is taking place as it unfolds.


Connection. We like each other and we work well together. Our team planned a virtual dance party to celebrate the end of a challenging contract. We send each other chocolate, earrings, tea. We’ve cried together and had the hard, yelly conversations too. Throughout, we like each other, we respect each other, and this flows to you when we work with you.  


Rigorous. We don’t just hang out and make heart symbols at each other. We do damn amazing work. We are a specialized firm, so we focus on specific elements and do them really well. We use all our smarts and deep quantitative and qualitative experience to answer your particular question. You need insights? We will find them. Rigorously.


Mentorship. We learn from young people. We also share whatever we know with them. The idea is that eventually we sit back and just watch the younger team members as they Own.It.All. So when you work with us, we’ll have seasoned team members and bubbly new team members at every step. That’s just how we do it.

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