This is us.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

This is us.

What do we mean? Well, this is our new brand. And we love it. It is more authentically us. It showcases our favourite colours (Amanda was married in a purple dress and a gold dress as those colours speak to her so powerfully). It uses our language, our tone, our favourite fonts. And it showcases who we are in a way that stands true to our core values.

How did we do this? It was so hard. The Berean Press (@thebereanpress) made us talk and talk and talk. About who we were. About what made us thrive. About our fashion choices. Okay, not our fashion choices, but it felt like we had to share our whole hearts for hours on end. And we had to approve, approve, approve. Which meant we had to listen, and focus and pay attention when we were so damn busy already!

And where did we land? Well, here. In this glorious space. Clear-eyed about our purpose. Proud of our work. And ecstatic about our future.

Are you excited about this? Probably not. But can you feel our excitement? We hope so.

This is really us. We're here. Let's go.


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