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October is Women’s History Month in Canada

Happy autumn folks! As you may or may not know, October marks Women’s History Month in Canada, a time to recognize and applaud the countless contributions of women and girls. You might be thinking to yourself, is it actually Women’s History Month? Yes. Yes, it is. This often-unsung commemoration seems to get less coverage than we think it ought to, which is why we would like to take some time to spotlight and commend the fabulous work being done by us, the women we work with, and the women in the communities that our work serves. Because a little bit of credit is always welcome.

To be clear, when we use the word "woman" the term encompasses a vast array of lived experiences and identities. Female-identifying, gender nonconforming, and femme identities are always included in our umbrella term. In a time when gender and sexuality are under a coordinated attack from many directions, we recognize the spectrum of gender and the consequent spectrum of womanhood. We are in awe of the courage exhibited by queer, trans, and gender-diverse women and girls. We wish more than anything that you did not have to withstand the ignorant and violent rhetoric and actions of vocal opponents. This month, and every other month of the year, we stand with you as co-conspirators in a fight for equity.

We know first-hand that there are roadblocks to true equity that make it challenging for many women to pursue their passions, to be recognized for their efforts, and to be genuinely heard. These challenges are often exacerbated by existing inequities. We celebrate the multiplicity of lived experiences that encompass womanhood while recognizing the disparity of access that exists for those living at the intersection of identity. Many people have had to fight unreasonably hard to have a voice. We commit to uplifting their input and aim to follow their lead.

In tandem, we see unprecedented efforts to repeal reproductive rights. As we look back on all the women who fought to ensure bodily autonomy, we are disheartened to see attempts at attacking said rights but inspired by the bravery of those of us who stand in opposition. As legislative bodies pursue reductive and tired talking points, we have a renewed sense of purpose in our mission to counter these attacks. We will always stand for the right of individuals to choose their own path in life; our commitment to anti-oppressive ethics is not something we will ever be willing to compromise on.

ParriagGroup is a company proudly founded, driven, and sustained by a number of wonderful, intelligent, and creative women. We pursue work that fuels our souls and contributes to a collective social good and we do so with sensitivity and strength. We nurture relationships, encourage growth, and stand firm in our wisdom. We remain immensely proud of our collective achievements and champion the unique journeys each of us has undertaken to reach this point.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Women’s History Month. Keep fighting the good fight. We’ll be there, right beside you.

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